Ana Maria Villegas

    I was born in Mexico City where I studied and worked as a Chemical Engineer. I moved to the United States with my husband and our two young daughters in 1996.

   I’ve been passionate for art since I was a child.  I inherited the talent for painting from my father Juan Antonio Ortiz.  He is a great watercolor artist and he still has exhibitions of art.  Delighting in my father’s hobby, reading from his big collection of art books and visiting museums with my family were my only source of learning art. I explored all kinds of mediums for painting on my own but I joined workshops of sculpture in my hometown as well as china porcelain painting.

   In the USA,  I started doing religious art because of my own spiritual journey. I envision a dream of unity for humanity in a peaceful world and I reveal that through my art expression in painting, sculpture, composing music and through my writings.

   My favorite subject has been ‘Portrait Painting’ and I’m grateful to God that I received the talent of capturing the essence of people, their emotions and bring that to life in paper or canvas. I enjoy painting children because of their innocence and fresh spirit. I also love designing original compositions for my paintings and as I let my imagination free, I’m  able to send a message through my artwork.